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The Extensive Lucky Dreams Games Collection

Lucky Dreams has an enormous selection of different casino games to choose from. Not only do we understand that our players have different preferences when it comes to types of casino games, but we understand that each developer adds their own unique spin on their games and we want to capture that magic from as many different providers as possible.

We want to create a place where dreams can come true and we have assembled a dreamy lineup of games so everyone has something to enjoy as they chase their life-changing win. If you are new to online casino games then keep on reading as we give a detailed breakdown of every type of game we have on offer at Lucky Dreams, and you can use the guide to help you decide which place is best for you to start your journey.

The Best Casino Games: From Slots to Classic and Table Games

As mentioned above, we have every type of game a player could dream of—Afterall, we are called Lucky Dreams. So have a look at what types of slots and table games you can get lucky on when you play online casino games real money at Lucky Dreams casino:

Classic Slots

Back to the old-school. Stripped back of any fancy graphics, detailed storytelling, and bonus features. Classic Slots offer players the magic of the retro casino fruit machines and allow players a quick and easy game to rack up the wins on. Smooth gameplay and simple scoring systems are the attraction of these slots devoid of all the flashy distractions.

Video Slots

These Slots are jam packed with flashy graphics, immersive storytelling, and plenty of bonus features to create at times beautiful chaos. If you like intricate features that can multiply your winnings and boost your chances of winning these video slots are perfect for you. Often themed around interesting, crazy, and down-right absurd topics—these LuckyDreams games are an expression of the developers creativity and can provide some magical moments on the casino floor.

Progressive/Jackpot Slots

Who doesn’t like a big win? And if that’s what you are searching for, then head over to the Jackpot slots and see how you can turn a pretty penny into a dreamy Jackpot. With every bet placed worldwide, a small percentage of the wager is added into the Jackpot until one lucky player spins the winning combination to take home the total amount.

Crash Games/Fast Games

Crash games are one of the newest innovations in Lucky Dreams online casino games and involve the player placing a bet on how high the multiplier will rise before it crashes and the round ends. This can be a great way to win a huge multiplier off a small bet, but the anticipation with each increase creates a rollercoaster of emotions as you decide whether to cash out or chance your luck at another increase before the crash.

Video Poker

Video Poker offers the same magic of a traditional poker game but without the pressure of needing to bluff real players opposite you on the table. This version of the classic casino game pits you against CPU generated players and allows you to play the game at your own pace. A great way for players new to the game to warm up and get used to the rules and scoring system of the game before taking a seat against live competition.


One of the most synonymous games with casinos. Blackjack is the game of hit or miss, as the player goes head to head with the dealer to try and score a total as close to 21 without exceeding the number and going bust. Fun, simple, and easy to understand, this game’s popularity has stood the test of time and is one of the most played games in online casinos around the world.


In terms of popularity Roulette would be considered one of the elite online casino games real money due to the exhilaration of watching the ball spin around and around the wheel in hopes it lands in your chosen zones. The ultimate game of chance, Roulette is widely popular due to its unpredictability and scoring a big win on the inside of this game is an unforgettable memory to cherish.


Baccarat is similar in rulesets to Blackjack and pits the player against the dealer with the objective to bet on who’s hand is closest to the total of 9. The scoring system is different in this game, and the game itself is often associated with high rollers in pop culture and in Hollywood.


Much like discussed above in the Video Poker section, Poker pits players against other real-life players in the ultimate test of bluffing and strategy. Can you outwit the other players on the table and walk away with a big win? There’s so many different strategies to be successful in Poker it creates an amazing spectacle to observe.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a game that’s origins date back to China. It’s a fast paced three-di game, where players aim to bet the outcome of the three dice that have been rolled. The more difficult the bet placed the higher the reward. Decide whether you want to play it safe or take the risk to win big.


Similar to a lottery-style game, Keno is played with a board of numbers from 1-80. Players have to predict as many of the 20 numbers that are drawn at random by the computer as possible. The more correct numbers you guess the higher your payout. It’s quick, easy, and can bring home a hefty payout.


The classic game played all over the world in high-school gymnasiums on a Friday night for the old ladies looking to pocket some extra pennies is now available at Lucky Dreams. Don’t be fooled by Hollywood as this game is popular among all age groups, and you get a huge rush of excitement as your bingo card is closer to being complete. The players each have a unique card of numbers across a grid and the objective is to listen to what number is called next and cross off each number until you score a line, 2-lines, and a full card.

Scratch Cards

No need to travel to the cornershop in your pyjamas to buy a scratch card in person. Stay in bed and dream up a big win by playing the scratch card online at Lucky Dreams. Scratch away the hidden symbols and try to match up the symbols and prizes to score an instant win.

Live Dealer Games

The closest experience to a land-based casino that you can find online. Watch the proceedings unfold led through the round by a professionally trained live dealer. You can find multiple types of table games at the live casino of Lucky Dreams such as Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette and more. The thrill of a big win is that much more exciting when you can see all the action unfold in real-time.


How to Play LuckyDreams Casino Games Online?

Simply create an account at Lucky Dreams and make sure you have deposited some funds into your casino account to be able to play casino games on our site.

What LuckyDreams Online Casino Games Pay Real Money?

All of the games offered at Lucky Dreams offer players the opportunity to win real money.

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